Wednesday, March 27, 2013

(Review) Zoya - Storm

Hey guys :)
I have Zoya Storm for you today!
This is one amazing nailpolish especially for when the sun is out!
It's a black holographic polish (it's not linear holo, more like scattered) and it's amazing!
You only need two coats for full coverage but I'm sure you can do with one thick coat. It also dried really fast and was glossy on it's own.
Let's see how it looks like:

Isn't this gorgeous? I really am in love with it and can't wait to show you Aurora :)
I definitely recommend this one to the people who love holographic and black polishes :)

What do you think of it? Do you own it?


Saturday, March 23, 2013

(Haul) Kiko, Dior, Opi

Hey guys :)
I am sorry I haven't posted for almost a month but I decided I needed a break because I have been under a lot of stress due to college and other personal stuff and thought that the best was indeed to take a break from blogging! I am back though but I won't be posting as often due to some family matters...
I received some Nail Mail this week and went to buy my first Dior's!!!
Being a part of a group where many ladies love Dior really makes you become curious about trying high-end polishes so I went to get myself one, only, I can home with TWO Dior!
Let's check out which ones I decided to bring :)

I came home with Dior - Shadow which was on my WL, Opi - Stay the night which was probably one of the only Liquid Sands from the Mariah Carey Collection that I wanted and the new Dior - Délice.

They gave me a bunch of samples! So sweet :)
I will be reviewing Délice tomorrow so stay tuned for that one :)

Now onto the Nail Mail! I wanted to get some of the Kiko Sugarmat but Kiko does not ship to my country so I asked my dear friend Bénédicte if she could order for me and then ship it over (we don't live too far away so it went fast!)
Here is the Haul:

As usual, she adds candy!!! GUMMY BEARS :D

Nom Nom!

Here they are!
Top Row: 641, 640, 644, 645, 360, 423, 389, 385
Bottom Row: 646, 639, 643, 642, Jindie Nails - Kiss me under the Mistletoe (this was a surprise by Bénédicte! Thank you <3 a="" and="" br="" comes="" every="" in="" kiko="" order="" sample="" that="">

Thank you Bénédicte for doing me this favor! I may request your help again in the future ;D

What do you think of my new acquisitions? Do you own them?


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

(Haul) DM & Lush

Hey guys!
I have a haul for you today!
The Lush Store here in Luxembourg reopened on friday (they closed for 3 weeks for renovations) and obviously I had to go check the new decoration of the store and WOW! It's gorgeous!
I decided to also get a few things while I was there!
Here we go:

Every person who made a purchase would get one of those cute bags either with a strawberry or banana on it (only designs I saw). I got a cute strawberry :D
You can see in the bottom pictures that I repurchased myself 'The Comforter' which is GREAT, got myself a 'Creamy Candy' and repurchased a 'Honey Bee'. I also got a 'Oatifix' fresh face mask to try. I also got two samples which were exactly two soaps I was really interested in which are 'Karma' and 'Sexy Peel'. I now know that the Karma scent is not that great for me and that I seriously adore Sexy Peel!
I also got myself a 'Grease Lightning' to test and absolutely love it!

Here you can see how Oatifix looks like (looks yum!) and how Grease Lightning looks like too!
I am very happy with my purchases on friday and will be reviewing them soon!

Then on Saturday morning I went with my parents to DM in Perl (germany) and wanted to get myself a few of the new Essence but only found 3 (the 2 I didn't found were the ones I really wanted.. BUMMER!)

As usual, a backup of one of my favorite Essence top coats!
I then got Essence - Cool breeze, Upper Green Side and Glitter on me (which wasn't even on my wishlist).
I also got the new Essence Cream Concealer to try and got two travel size products because I wanted to test them!
I really wanted a handcream to keep in my bag and that one is perfect! It smells great, doesn't leave your hands 'greasy' and is not too big and not too tiny!
The brown tube is a hair mask which I wanted to try!

What do you think of my purchases? Interested in the new Essence polishes?


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

(Haul) Lush, Born Pretty Store & The Nailjunkie

Hey guys!
I have yet another Haul post for you!
I have received packages in the past two weeks but haven't blogged about them yet so here we go!
Let's start with The Nailjunkie!

I got one polish of her Valentine's Collection! It's called Bouquet and it's this gorgeous pink with blue/green and gold glitter :)
I have worn it already so I will review it probably tomorrow!

I also got a big and a little Cutie Balm because this easily became my favorite Cuticle Balm in the world!! I recommend it!

You can find Aleta's Etsy store HERE, Facebook HERE and her Blog HERE!

Next up is Born Pretty Store! I posted two orders last month I think (or in December) to buy nail wheels and some card holders!

I am not too pleased with these Nail Wheels because they are transparent but they will have to do!

Bought the Turquoise one for me and the red one for my Mom because she kept her cards in a dirty and crappy card holder from an old wallet she had and she just kept that part... Decided she needed something new! SUCCESS!

Now onto my Lush UK order!

These Boxes are so cool! They really make it personal :)

My 'entire' Order! Sweet Japanese Girl was missing so they sent it and I received it today so I included it in the last picture!

I got 1 Ickle Baby Bot to try! I only sniffed this and already wanted to go to sleep! Looks like it works!

I also got a No Drought Dry Shampoo because my scalp gets greasy after like 1-2 Days and I hate washing my hair everyday and this really works! This smells great!

1 You've Been Mangoed Luxury Bath Melt! This smells divine in the bath and really leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft!

I also got 1 Mumkin from the Mother's Day collection and the smell is not that amazing to me so I won't repurchase! It smells of raspberries and chocolate but you can barely smell the chocolate. :(

I got a piece of Willow Pattern Soap from the Valentine's Collection! This smells of Lemon and Rose. It is great for your skin, lathers well and smells amazing! Great to use with the Comforter and You've been Mangoed!

I also got a slice of Sea Vegetable because I wanted to try it for awhile and it smells like the Ocean. WIN!

Lastly, I got myself a Honey Bee Bath Bomb because Honey I washed the Kids soap is my favorite and this smells JUST LIKE THE SOAP!! I never thought this was THIS huge either! It covers my entire palm!

I also bought a trial size of the Charity Pot and I am not sure how I feel about the scent. I like it but I also don't. I'm quite torn so I will keep using it until I figure out if I like it or not.

And then my Sweet Japanese Girl. This smells great and melts on your hands so fast! Very excited to try this!

I really recommend Lush if you love Baths! They really care about their customers and their customer service is AMAZING! They replied to my email after like 15 minutes and 30 minutes later they already arranged for me to get the product! How fast is that???

What do you think of my goodies? Do you own anything?


Friday, February 1, 2013

(Review) Zoya - Blaze

Hey guys :)
I have Zoya - Blaze for you today!
This beautiful red holographic polish is a great one for valentine's day!
I am going to be with my bf tomorrow and he loves red on me so I decided to try this one out :)
Here we go!

How gorgeous is this red holographic polish by Zoya??? Two coats for full coverage (also works if you do one thick coat for full coverage), it dried super fast and the holo effect is definitely present! Sadly I had to make do with my bathroom light because I took the pictures at night so you can't see the holo effect at it's fullest! It is still a very gorgeous polish and I recommend it :)

What do you think of it? Do you own it?


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

(Review) Red Dog Designs - Young at Heart

Hey guys =D
I have an amazing polish for you guys today!
It is Gina's Young at Heart from her Valentine's Collection named 'Ol Blue Eyes Collection!
Young at Heart is described as: various hues, shapes, and sizes of pink, lime holo, teal holo, white glitters, with microfine holo glitter and pink hearts!
I'll do the writing after we see the pictures :)

Look at THIS! how beautiful is it? 

Look at the amazing glitter mix! And the colors are just perfect!

I am seriously in love with this polish! It looks amazing over any base! I used one coat over Hampstead Gardens by Nails Inc. It dried super fast and it was so easy to get hearts on the brush! It also lays flat on your nails and is NOT a hungry glitter! This is seriously a unique polish for me because I've never seen anything like this before! I just seriously love the blue and pink combination and the white glitters really make it pop! I am not too fond of hearts in nailpolish but this one definitely won me over and I would recommend it to EVERYONE!

The reason why I picked such an 'abnormal' base for such a romantic polish is because I wanted to show you how pretty it looks without the usual base colors like pink, white, red or black :) 
I may have failed in my mission but I love it!

You can purchase Red Dog Designs HERE! They retail for $8.75.
The facebook page (which also has the shop) can be found HERE!

I want to thank Gina for such an amazing polish! I was so excited when I saw the swatches that I had to buy it right away! This really is a special and fun polish and I believe it is definitely worth every penny! 

What do you think of this polish?


(Haul) Zoya, Purse, Red Dog Designs, ...

Hey guys :)
I have bought quite a few stuff lately and wanted to show the goodies to you today :)
Let's start with Gina's package I got today!
I asked Gina if she could use the Zoya promos to get me some I wanted and I then took advantage and bought some of her polishes :p

She sent me some Reese's which is my fav. Chocolate EVER!
She also sent some candy which I can't wait to try :)

OPI - Sprung which I asked Gina if she could get it for me since it was probably the only one I wanted from the collection .
I also got Red Dog Designs: Mele Kalikimaka, Young at heart and I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.
I cannot wait to show you guys these amazing polishes made by Gina! The names and the colors are just STUNNING!

The Zoyas I got are: 
Top: Carly, Daul and Crystal
Bottom: Storm, Aurora and Blaze
I can't wait to show you guys these amazing Zoya's! This brand is just amazing and they have the most amazing colors ever!

Thank you Gina soooo much for doing me this huge favor! This definitely was a big package and I am so happy I got it!
Check out Gina's polishes HERE and definitely buy them you guys! They are just AMAZING!!!!!
To get to her facebook page click HERE!

Now, onto my two Lush orders:

My German order:

Another Secret Santa gift! My favorite gift! It contains a Cinders (which you can see how it looks like from the inside) and Honey I washed the kids in star shape :)

I got myself some Angel's Delight and I am so glad I did! It smells divine! I also got a little twilight bottle and I like the smell and you can see my entire order in the last picture.

I got a Party Kracher because I wanted to try the Party Popper and the Northern Lights Soap and I love both very much!
I also got a Sweet Christmas because of the Candy Mountain which I love and I actually like the Rockstar soap too :)

Onto my French order:

These were the samples they sent me! At first, they said on the site that you can only get one sample by having to pick between three choices and I went with Handy Gurugu. This smells divine and will definitely purchase in the future. The soaps they sent me is The godmother which I do NOT like and Figs and Leaves which is ok.

I bought two more Santa's Sack to stock up on these, bought two Christmas Eve to try out, the smell is ok, I would probably not repurchase this and got myself the Sweet Lips lipscrub because I love my Popcorn one so much and thought it was Limited Edition (I then found out they made it permanent! YAY!).

This is my complete order and you can see that I also got a T for toes. My feet sweat a lot (GROSS!) and decided to try this out :)

Now onto the purchases I made yesterday:

I bought Nails Inc Baker Street and Hampstead Gardens. I got a little sample along with my purchase! See the holo packaging? So pretty!

Now onto my purchases today:

I bought Essie: Jamaica me Crazy and It's Genius.
I got myself this amazing bag at H&M! I was looking for a bag with studs for weeks now and finally found one I liked!
I then bought a little bag at 'I am' (I thought it was a makeup bag, FAIL!) and a cute Keychain!

This concludes my Haul for the past few days / weeks (since the orders were made last week or two weeks ago!).

What do you think of the new goodies? Do you own these?